Sur La Table 13-Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer Reviews

Sur La Table Air Fryer Reviews: Unveiling Superior Performance and Quality.
Sur La Table Air Fryer Reviews: 13-Quart Multifunctional

Size that Serves Excellence:

Boasting a generous 13-quart capacity, this air fryer is designed with professional meal prep in mind. It enables you to effortlessly cook larger batches, making it an ideal choice for catering events, cooking classes, or even busy restaurant kitchens. With dimensions of 16.00 x 16.00 x 16.00 inches, it offers ample cooking space without sacrificing your kitchen’s footprint.

Crafted for Durability and Performance:

Constructed by the esteemed brand Sur La Table, known for its commitment to quality, this multifunctional air fryer is a blend of form and function. Its sleek silver exterior not only exudes professionalism but also houses a robust interior that can withstand the rigors of commercial cooking. The cool touch housing ensures safety during operation, even in the hustle and bustle of a bustling kitchen.

Unveiling the Multifaceted Features:

The Sur La Table 13-Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer does more than just fry; it’s a culinary powerhouse that effortlessly multitasks. With 10 preset cooking functions, including air fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, rotisserie, reheat, and broil, it provides an extensive repertoire for crafting diverse dishes. The LED digital display panel, accompanied by an automatic shut off feature, guarantees precision and safety in every culinary endeavor.

Masterful Analysis:

The true magic of this air fryer lies in its 360 Airflow Technology, utilizing 1700 watts of power to create an evenly circulated cooking environment. This results in food that’s tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, all achieved with minimal oil usage or even none at all. The inclusion of an XL window and interior lighting allows you to monitor your culinary creations without disrupting the cooking process.

Transcending Boundaries with Accessories:

This multifunctional air fryer comes with a comprehensive 9-piece accessory set that amplifies its versatility. From air frying trays and a rotisserie basket to a kebab set and rotisserie stand, these accessories empower you to experiment with a wide range of recipes, making it a true kitchen chameleon for professionals seeking innovation.

Turning Features into Benefits:

The Sur La Table Multifunctional Air Fryer isn’t just a kitchen gadget; it’s a transformative tool for professionals. Imagine effortlessly preparing large batches of perfectly air fried delicacies for catering events, or embracing the health conscious trend by serving your customers delicious dishes with reduced fat content. The diverse cooking functions let you diversify your menu offerings, appealing to a wider audience.

Addressing Potential Drawbacks:

While this multifunctional air fryer excels in many aspects, its 33.27 lb weight might be a consideration for some users. However, the product’s robust features and capabilities more than compensate for this slight inconvenience. Its footprint might be substantial, but the benefits of its large cooking capacity far outweigh the spatial requirement.


1. Generous Capacity: The 13-quart capacity is perfect for preparing large batches of food, making it suitable for commercial purposes, catering events, and cooking classes.

2. Quality Construction: Sur La Table is a reputable brand known for quality, ensuring durability and performance even in demanding commercial kitchen settings.

3. Multifunctional: With 10 preset cooking functions, including air fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, and more, it offers versatility and the ability to create a wide range of dishes.

4. Precision Cooking: The LED digital display and automatic shut off feature enhance precision and safety during cooking.

5. 360 Airflow Technology: Evenly circulated cooking environment results in evenly cooked dishes with a crispy exterior and tender interior, using minimal or no oil.

6. Comprehensive Accessory Set: The 9-piece accessory set expands the appliance’s capabilities, allowing experimentation with various recipes.

7. Professional Use: Tailored for professional environments, such as restaurants and catering services, helping professionals prepare high quality dishes efficiently.


1. Weight: Weighing 33.27 lbs, it might be cumbersome to move around, which could be a consideration for some users.

2. Size: Its substantial size might be more suitable for larger kitchens and professional settings than for small home kitchens.


The Sur La Table 13-Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer transcends the boundaries of conventional kitchen appliances. Its 360 Airflow Technology, 10 preset cooking functions, and comprehensive accessory set position it as a professional’s ultimate culinary companion. Whether you’re cooking for a large event, expanding your menu, or embracing healthier cooking methods, this air fryer is your gateway to culinary excellence.


Q1: Can I rely on this air fryer for commercial purposes?

A1: Absolutely. With its 13-quart capacity and professional grade features, this air fryer is well-suited for commercial kitchens and catering services.

Q2: How does the air frying function work?

A2: The 360 Airflow Technology ensures the even circulation of hot air, creating a crispy exterior and tender interior for your dishes, all while using minimal to no oil.

Q3: Is the large size of this air fryer suitable for home kitchens?

A3: While its size might be better suited for professional kitchens, the Sur La Table Multifunctional Air Fryer can still be a valuable addition to home kitchens with its versatile cooking functions.

Q4: Can I find recipes tailored to this air fryer’s functions?

A4: Absolutely. The included recipe book and video recipes provide clear guidance, inspiring you to explore a multitude of culinary possibilities.

Q5: Does the product come with a warranty?

A5: The manufacturer provides a warranty for the Sur La Table 13-Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer, ensuring your investment is protected.


Sur La Table 13-Quart Multifunctional Air Fryer encapsulates culinary innovation, providing professionals with a dynamic tool to revolutionize their cooking endeavors. With its size, features, and comprehensive accessory set, it’s poised to elevate your culinary creations to new heights. Embrace the power of technology and creativity in the kitchen with this exceptional appliance.


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