Norcold RV Refrigerator Reset:

If your Norcold refrigerator is beeping or displaying a “no co” error code, it’s time to reset your appliance. We understand that the reset process can seem daunting, but fear not!

Norcold RV Refrigerator Reset

#1: Signs Your Fridge Needs a Reset

Before we get into the nitty gritty of resetting your Norcold RV refrigerator, let’s understand when and why you might need to do it. Here are some telltale signs that your fridge requires a reset:

1. Frequent “no co” error code displays.

2. Reduced cooling efficiency.

3. Unusual beeping or malfunctioning.

#2: How to Perform a Soft Reset

A soft reset is the initial step to resolve common issues with your Norcold refrigerator. Follow these steps carefully:

1. Locate the Display Panel: Depending on your fridge model, you’ll find the display panel either inside the unit or on top of the fridge door.

2. Press and Hold “ON/OFF”: Find the “ON/OFF” button on the display panel and hold it for about 3 seconds. Release it afterward.

3. Wait for 3 to 5 Minutes: Let your fridge rest for a few minutes to allow the compressor to reboot.

4. Press “ON/OFF” Again: After the wait period, press and hold the “ON/OFF” button for another 3 seconds.

5. Check for Error Code: If the “no co” error code is gone, your soft reset was successful. If not, proceed to the hard reset steps.

#3: Performing a Hard Reset (Advanced Users)

Warning: The hard reset process involves disconnecting wires and should only be attempted by professional technicians or if your fridge warranty has expired. Follow these steps with caution:

1. Turn OFF the Unit: Press and hold the “ON/OFF” button to turn off your refrigerator.

2. Disconnect Wires: Carefully pull your fridge out or access the back panel from the outside of your RV. Locate and disconnect the following wires:

  • 12 Vdc positive and negative wires.
  • AC power cord.
  • Solenoid gas valve wires.
  • Spark/sense electrode assembly wires.

3. Remove Power Board Cover: Unscrew and remove the black power board cover on the left side.

4. Reconnect Wires (Based on Serial Number): Depending on your fridge’s serial number, reconnect the wires in the following order:

  • Reconnect the positive and negative 12 Vdc wires on devices with serial numbers 832171 and higher.
  • suitable for models with a serial number of 832170 or below:

     1. Spark/sense electrode assembly wires.

     2. Solenoid gas valve wires.

     3. AC power cord.

     4. 12 Vdc positive and negative wires. (Exercise extreme caution when reconnecting spark/sense electrode assembly wires.)

5. Turn ON the Unit: Press and hold the “ON/OFF” button to reactivate the refrigerator.

6. Short PIN 15 to Ground Lug: Locate PIN 15 or 16 on the power board and short it to the ground lug using an insulated jumper wire for 10 until 15 seconds have passed or a “click.”

7. Turn OFF and ON Again: To complete the hard reset, turn off and then on the fridge using the “ON/OFF” button.

8. Check for Error Code: If the “no co” error code is gone, you’ve successfully completed the hard reset. If not, repeat steps 7 to 9 until the error code disappears.

#4: Final Steps

1. Turn OFF the Unit: To reconnect the wires, turn off the refrigerator using the “ON/OFF” button.

2. Disconnect Wires From Power Board: Depending on your fridge’s serial number, disconnect the wires in reverse order.

3. Reinstall the Power Board Cover: Secure the power board cover using a screwdriver.

4. Reconnect the Wires: Reconnect the wires back to the fridge’s back panel in the following order:

  • Spark/sense electrode assembly wires.
  • Solenoid gas valve wires.
  • AC power cord.
  • 12 Vdc positive and negative wires.

5. Set Up the Refrigerator: Turn on your refrigerator using the “ON/OFF” button, adjust the internal temperature, and you’re all set!


Resetting your Norcold RV refrigerator may seem like a complex process, but by following these detailed steps, you can troubleshoot common issues and get your fridge running smoothly again. Remember to exercise caution when performing a hard reset, and if you’re unsure, consult a professional technician.


Q. How often should I reset my Norcold RV refrigerator?

A. You should only reset your Norcold refrigerator when you encounter persistent issues like the “no co” error code or reduced cooling efficiency.

Q. Can I reset my Norcold fridge without disconnecting wires?

A. Yes, you can perform a soft reset by holding the “ON/OFF” button on the display panel.

Q. What if the error code persists after a hard reset?

A. If the “no co” error code remains, repeat the hard reset steps until it disappears or consult a technician.

Q. Does resetting my Norcold fridge void the warranty?

A. Performing a hard reset may void your product warranty, so proceed with caution if your warranty has not expired.


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