1. Maple and Walnut cutting board: Functional Work for Your Kitchen

Sonder Los Angeles Large Walnut/Cherry/Maplewood Cutting Board is a clear winner when it comes to choosing the ideal cutting board for your kitchen. This state of the art grain board, aptly named “Motley,” not only adds beauty to your countertop, but also provides excellent functionality that meets all of your food preparation needs.

Exquisite Maple and Walnut Cutting Board: Masterful Craftsmanship!
Sonder Los Angeles Large Walnut/Cherry/Maple Wood Cutting Board


The Sonder Los Angeles cutting board measures 17″L x 13″W x 1.1″th, giving you plenty of space for all your chopping, dicing, and slicing needs. The large size makes it possible to manage multiple sections at once, improving food preparation efficiency and ease.

Maple and walnut cutting board:

Walnut, cherry, and maple wood are skillfully combined to make cutting boards. That material offers the board an attractive appearance and increasing its durability and resistance to stains and moisture. Knife friendly walnut wood ensures your blades stay sharp while preserving the rich color of the board.

Color and Brand:

With a natural color finish, the Sonder Los Angeles cutting board exudes a timeless elegance that complements any kitchen decor. Sonder Los Angeles is a local small business having a well known reputation for quality kitchen equipment that takes great care in its goods and service to its customers.

Hand Materials and Special Features:

This cutting board is carefully crafted with an edge grain pattern to create a functional piece of art. It has a built in well that makes it easy to move chopped items without using extra dishes. The board also has built in handles that make it easy to carry the board and its tasty contents to your dining or meeting space. Its reversible nature further enhances its versatility and utility.


The Sonder Los Angeles cutting board stands out for several reasons. Its combination of walnut, cherry, and maple woods provide durability and stain resistance while enhancing any kitchen space. The edge grain construction makes it gentle on knives, while the built in well and handle add a level of convenience that many other cutting boards lack.


1. Stylish and elegant design that enhances the kitchen decor.

2. Durable and resistant to stains and unwanted moisture.

3. Knife friendly walnut wood preserves the sharpness of the blade.

4. Built in well for easy transfer of chopped ingredients.

5. Reversible design adds versatility to the board.

6. Thoughtful features make it perfect for parties and gatherings.

7. Small Los Angeles brand with great customer service and support.

8. 1-year offer provides more protection.


1. For the same reasons that apply to all wooden cutting boards, regular oiling is needed to maintain its beauty and prevent drying out.

2. Knife marks may appear with use, but can be minimized by regular oiling.


Any kitchen will benefit from Sonder Los Angeles’ large walnut/cherry/maple wood cutting board. Its edge grain design, combined with smart features like built in wheels and handles, set it apart from traditional cutting boards. A motley of walnut, cherry, and maple woods not only add to its durability but also ensure an attractive presence on your countertop


Q: Can I offer food off of this cutting board?

    A: Of course! The reversible design and built-in well make it perfect for assembling charcuterie boards and serving a variety of snacks.

Q: Is the board easy to clean?

     A: Yes, the cutting board can be easily cleaned by hand washing. Avoid soaking it in water or using the dishwasher to maintain its longevity.

Q: Can I use this cutting board for meat and vegetables?

     A: Yes, the Sonder Los Angeles cutting board is flexible and can be used to prepare meats and vegetables in a variety of dishes.

Q: How often should I apply mineral oil to a cutting board?

     A: To keep the board in excellent shape, it is advised to apply food grade mineral oil to it every three to four weeks.


The Sonder Los Angeles Large Walnut/Cherry/Maple Wood Cutting Board is a functional work of art that adds convenience and style to your kitchen. Due to its attractive look and combination of walnut, cherry, and maple wood, it is an excellent choice for both expert and beginner cooks. You can be sure this cutting board is a reliable and permanent addition to your cooking equipment because Sonder Los Angeles is dedicated to quality and client satisfaction.

2. Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen

Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board, a versatile and elegant addition to any kitchen. This cutting board is made by hand in Canada from American black walnut wood that has been carefully collected, making it a practical and environmentally friendly choice for both experienced chefs and home cooks.

Exquisite Maple and Walnut Cutting Board: Masterful Craftsmanship!
Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen

Material and Size:

The Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board measures 18″L x 12″W x 1″Th, providing ample space for all your cutting and carving tasks. Using a piece of American black walnut wood offers your kitchen a feel of improvement in addition to providing durability. The combination of walnut and maple creates an eye catching chevron pattern that elevates the aesthetics of this board.

Color and Brand:

This cutting board features a beautiful walnut color that complements any kitchen decor. Mevell, the reputable brand behind this masterpiece, takes pride in its commitment to quality and sustainability. With their Canadian roots and dedication to using premium materials, you can trust that you’re getting the best maple and walnut cutting board available.

Hand Material and Shape:

The Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board is handcrafted in Montreal with precision and care. You can use both sides of the board for different uses due to its versatile rectangular design.

Features and Benefits:

1. Reversible Design: The two sided design is a game changer. Use one side for carving and chopping meats, and the other side for mincing vegetables, cutting bread, or presenting a delicious cheese spread. This reversible feature makes it a multi functional tool in the kitchen.

2. Knife Friendly Surface: The walnut and maple construction strikes the perfect balance between toughness and gentleness. The cutting board itself stays unaffected, and your blades stay sharp and well maintained.

3. Pre-seasoned for Immediate Use: Mevell ensures that you can start using your cutting board right away by treating it with their premium cutting board oil and beeswax blend. However, don’t forget to periodically oil the board to prolong its life and maintain its lustrous appearance.

4. Sustainable Choice: By choosing the Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board, you contribute to a greener planet. Every purchase plants a tree, and Mevell offers a 100% money back guarantee for the first year, emphasizing their confidence in their product’s quality.

Analysis and Real World Use Cases:

This cutting board excels in both form and function. Its large size allows you to prepare multiple ingredients simultaneously, reducing overall food prep time. The reversible design is perfect for a seamless transition between different food preparation tasks, and the knife friendly surface protects your valuable cutlery.

Pros and Cons:

Pros                                      Cons      
Handmade from sustainable walnut wood     Requires regular oiling              
Reversible design for versatile use       Hand wash only                       
Gentle on knives for prolonged sharpness  Slightly higher initial investment   
Pre-seasoned for immediate use             
Environmentally friendly with a tree-planting initiative 


Q: Is the cutting board dishwasher safe?

   No, it’s recommended to hand wash the cutting board to maintain its longevity and appearance.

Q: Can I use both sides of the board for cutting?

   Yes, the cutting board is designed to be reversible, offering different surfaces for various food preparation tasks.

Q: How often should I oil the cutting board?

   It’s recommended to oil the board every 4-6 weeks to keep it in top notch condition.


Any kitchen enthusiast looking for a stylish, strong, and environmentally friendly cutting board must have the Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board. Its reversible design, knife friendly surface, and sustainable craftsmanship make it an excellent investment. This maple and walnut cutting board will improve your culinary abilities if you’re an experienced cook or just a home cook.


Mevell Walnut Wood Cutting Board is a modern and functional kitchen essential, handcrafted with care, and built to impress.

3. Reversible Walnut Wood Edge Grain Cutting Board, John Boos Block WAL-R01

The John Boos Block WAL-R01 is a premium cutting board made in the USA by skilled craftspeople in Effingham, Illinois. It is made of sustainably collected, hand selected American Black Walnut Wood, which not only gives your kitchen a touch of beauty but also ensures its durability and lifespan.

Exquisite Maple and Walnut Cutting Board: Masterful Craftsmanship!
Reversible Walnut Wood Edge Grain Cutting Board


This rectangular cutting board is the perfect size for a variety of food preparation activities due to it is 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. The generous dimensions provide ample space to handle even large cuts of meat or an array of fruits and vegetables.

Material and Color:

This cutting board, which is created from quality Walnut wood, features a rich, deep brown color and lovely natural grain patterns.The choice of walnut wood offers the board durability and toughness as well as improving its appearance and making it an effective kitchen companion.


John Boos, a renowned brand with a history dating back to 1887, has earned a reputation for producing top notch cutting boards and butcher blocks. Trusted by professional chefs and used in restaurants worldwide, John Boos products are known for their quality and durability.

Hand Material and Special Features:

The WAL-R01 is an edge grain cutting board, constructed with the wood grain oriented along the length of the board. This orientation enhances the board’s strength and provides a smooth cutting surface for knives. One of its standout features is its reversibility; both sides of the board are flat and can be used as cutting surfaces. Additionally, integrated handgrips on each end make lifting, moving, and cleaning this board a breeze.


The WAL-R01 is part of John Boos’ “R” series cutting boards, known for their 1.5 inch thickness, which strikes the perfect balance between sturdiness and ease of use. It caters to professional chefs and home cooks alike, offering a versatile and reliable cutting surface for all culinary endeavors.

Performance and Real World Use Cases:

The John Boos WAL-R01 excels in various real world use cases. Professional chefs appreciate its durability and resistance to knife marks, ensuring it remains in top notch condition even with heavy use in a busy kitchen. Home cooks admire its size and reversible design, as it allows for both large scale food preparation and space saving storage options.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Durable and long lasting                         Requires hand washing                     
Reversible design for versatility                Oil and cream sold separately            
Edge grain construction for knife friendliness  Relatively heavy                           
Handgrips for easy handling                      Premium quality comes with a higher price 

Features Turned into Benefits:

The cutting board’s durable construction ensures it withstands heavy use, making it a lasting investment for your kitchen. Its reversible design offers dual cutting surfaces, maximizing functionality without taking up additional space. The integrated handgrips not only make it easy to carry but also aid in cleaning, ensuring a hygienic food preparation experience.


To maintain the board’s longevity, regular application of John Boos Mystery Oil (especially in dry climates and when the board is new) and John Boos Board Cream to seal the wood surface is recommended. It’s important to note that the oil and cream are sold separately .


Q: Can I use both sides of the cutting board for cutting?

   A: Yes, the John Boos WAL-R01 is reversible, allowing you to use both sides as cutting surfaces.

Q: Is the cutting board suitable for fine cutlery?

   A: Absolutely! Wooden cutting boards are gentler on knives, preserving their sharpness better than plastic boards.


The John Boos Block WAL-R01 Walnut Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board proves to be a professional and home cook’s delight. With its premium materials, versatile design, and durability, it offers an excellent cutting surface for various culinary tasks. While it requires hand washing and additional care with John Boos products, the benefits it provides make it a worthy investment in your kitchen. This cutting board will last the test of time and turn into a necessary tool in your food preparation efforts whether you’re dicing, slicing, or slicing.

4. Maple and Walnut Cutting Board – Virginia Boys Kitchens

Virginia Boys Kitchens’ “Made in USA Walnut Wood Cutting Board” – a stunning butcher block crafted from sustainable hardwood. This maple and walnut cutting board is made to impress if you’re a home cook or a professional chef due to its amazing features and eco-friendly construction.

Exquisite Maple and Walnut Cutting Board: Masterful Craftsmanship!
Maple and Walnut Cutting Board – Virginia Boys Kitchens

Size and Material:

This rectangular cutting board measures 17″L x 11″W x 0.75″Th, providing ample space for all your cutting and food preparation needs.

Handcrafted from 100% sustainable walnut wood grown in America, this cutting board showcases the finest quality of hardwood.

Color and Brand:

 The natural beauty of walnut wood brings a rich, dark hue that complements any kitchen decor.

Virginia Boys Kitchens, a trusted brand known for its commitment to craftsmanship and sustainable practices.

Special Features:

  • Preseasoned the Right Way: Each board is pre-seasoned with a proprietary blend of pure fractionated coconut oil, ensuring it’s ready for use right out of the box.
  • Knife Friendly Surface: Walnut wood’s smooth straight grain offers a porous, durable surface that won’t dull your knives.
  • Long Lasting Durability: With its thickness and sturdiness, this reversible block resists warping, cracking, and splintering, ensuring years of reliable use.
  • Eco-Friendly: Crafted from sustainably sourced walnut wood, this cutting board supports environmental conservation.
  • Every Purchase Plants a Tree: As a part of their commitment to sustainability, each purchase helps in planting trees.
  • Reversible Design: This cutting board can be flipped to utilize both sides for versatile food preparation.


The Virginia Boys Kitchens Maple and Walnut Cutting Board stands out in the market due to its focus on sustainability, knife friendly surface, and premium craftsmanship. Let’s delve deeper into its features and analyze the benefits they offer:

  • Sustainable Hardwood: This cutting board, made entirely from USA grown walnut wood, not only showcases the wood’s natural beauty, but also encourages wise forest management.
  • Preseasoned Convenience: The proprietary preseasoning with pure fractionated coconut oil saves time and effort, allowing you to start using the board immediately.
  • Knife Friendly Surface: The soft grain of walnut wood prevents excessive wear on your knives, keeping them sharp and extending their longevity.
  • Durability: The thickness and sturdiness of this cutting board guarantee long lasting performance without the risk of warping or splintering.
  • Reversible Design: The ability to flip the board provides extra space for various food prep tasks, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Real World Use Cases:

Professional chefs and home cooks alike will find the Virginia Boys Kitchens’ Maple and Walnut Cutting Board indispensable in their culinary journey. Let’s explore some real world use cases where this cutting board excels:

  • Bread Slicing: The smooth surface and knife friendly nature of the board make it perfect for slicing bread without causing unnecessary damage to the crust.
  • Meat and Cheese Platters: Impress your guests with elegant meat and cheese platters served on this aesthetically pleasing walnut wood cutting board.
  • Charcuterie Display: The warm tones of the walnut wood add sophistication to charcuterie displays, elevating your entertaining experience.
  • Food Preparation: From chopping vegetables to preparing fruit platters, this spacious cutting board offers ample space for all your food prep needs.

Pros and Cons:

1. Sustainable and eco-friendly       1. Hand wash only                
2. Knife friendly surface            2. May require occasional reseasoning
3. Reversible design                 3. Slightly heavy                 
4. Long lasting durability            


Q: How do I care for this cutting board?

   Hand wash the board with mild soap and water, and avoid soaking. Dry it thoroughly after washing. Occasional reseasoning with coconut oil is recommended to maintain its luster.

Q: Is this cutting board suitable for heavy duty use?

   Absolutely! The thickness and durability of the walnut wood make it ideal for heavy duty cutting and chopping tasks.

Q: Can I use this cutting board to serve food directly?

   Yes, the elegant appearance of the board makes it suitable for serving appetizers, cheeses, and charcuterie directly to your guests.


The Virginia Boys Kitchens’ Maple and Walnut Cutting Board is a versatile and eco-friendly addition to any kitchen. Crafted from sustainable walnut wood, it offers a knife friendly surface, long lasting durability, and a reversible design. Perfect for professionals and home cooks alike, this cutting board excels in various real world use cases. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a modern, strong, and beautiful cutting board due to its amazing features and attention to sustainability.

In Conclusion, the Virginia Boys Kitchens’ Maple and Walnut Cutting Board provides the perfect blend of style, functionality, and sustainability, making it a must have for every kitchen enthusiast.

5. WAL-CCB183-S Classic Reversible Walnut Wood End Grain Chopping Block by John Boos Block

Exquisite Maple and Walnut Cutting Board: Masterful Craftsmanship!
Reversible Walnut Wood End Grain Chopping Block

Size and Material:

The John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-S measures a generous 18 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 3 inches thick, providing ample space for food preparation tasks. This substantial size allows chefs to comfortably work with large cuts of meat, vegetables, and more, reducing the need to transfer ingredients frequently.

The material of this cutting board is solid American Black Walnut Wood, a dense and sturdy hardwood renowned for its strength and natural beauty. This eco-friendly choice ensures that the board can withstand rigorous chopping, slicing, and dicing without damaging your knives.

Color and Brand: Time-Honored Tradition

The rich Walnut color of this cutting board adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen. John Boos, a renowned brand established in 1887, has been producing exceptional cutting boards and butcher blocks, making them a trusted name among professionals worldwide. Each item is proudly handmade in the USA and carefully created by artisans in Effingham, Illinois.

Hand Material and Features:

The cutting board’s End Grain construction is a standout feature that sets it apart from traditional flat grain boards. This construction creates the iconic checkerboard pattern on the board’s surface and provides superior durability. The End Grain design allows the wood fibers to absorb the impact of knife blades, reducing the likelihood of deep cuts and preserving the sharpness of your knives.

Furthermore, this reversible butcher block enables you to switch between sides for different food prep tasks, preventing cross-contamination and enhancing versatility in the kitchen.


The John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-S is highly favored by top chefs and restaurants for several reasons. Its End Grain construction and sustainable American Black Walnut Wood make it a durable and eco-friendly choice. The large size ensures you have enough space to work comfortably, even during complex cooking projects.

Moreover, wooden cutting boards like this walnut and maple masterpiece are preferred over plastic alternatives due to their knife friendly nature. The natural self-healing properties of wood fibers minimize the impact on knife blades, ensuring they stay sharper for longer.


  • Durability: The End Grain construction and solid Walnut Wood material ensure long lasting use, making it a wise investment for professionals and home cooks alike.
  • Knife Friendly: Your high quality knives will remain sharper for longer, thanks to the board’s gentle treatment of knife blades.
  • Reversible: The versatility of the reversible design allows for separate use on either side, avoiding cross contamination between different food items.
  • Eco-Friendly: The sustainably sourced American Black Walnut Wood reflects a commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

Potential Drawbacks and Solutions:

One potential drawback is that this cutting board requires hand washing and drying. However, this ensures longevity and avoids warping that may occur with dishwasher use. To make maintenance easier, you can periodically apply John Boos Mystery Oil (sold separately on Amazon) and seal the surface with John Boos Board Cream.

Real World Use Cases:

  • A professional chef can comfortably prepare large quantities of ingredients for a busy restaurant kitchen.
  • A home cook can effortlessly chop, slice, and dice ingredients while hosting a family gathering or holiday feast.


John Boos Block WAL-CCB183-S Classic Reversible Walnut Wood End Grain Chopping Block stands out as a masterful creation that blends beauty, functionality, and eco-consciousness. Its generous size, End Grain construction, and knife friendly nature make it a top choice for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike. The sustainably sourced American Black Walnut Wood ensures you are not only investing in a high quality tool but also in a more sustainable future.


Q: Can I use this cutting board for heavy duty tasks?

Yes, the End Grain construction provides professional grade durability, making it suitable for heavy duty tasks.

Q: How often should I apply John Boos Mystery Oil and Board Cream?

Apply Mystery Oil regularly, especially in dry climates or when the board is new. Use Board Cream to seal the surface after applying Mystery Oil.

Q: Is the board reversible?

Yes, the board is reversible, allowing you to use both sides for different food prep tasks.

Q: Is the Walnut Wood sustainably sourced?

Yes, John Boos ensures that the American Black Walnut Wood used in this cutting board is sustainably sourced, promoting responsible forestry practices.

Q: Can I clean this cutting board in the dishwasher?

No, it is recommended to hand wash and dry the cutting board to maintain its longevity and avoid warping.


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